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Talmudical Institute of Upstate New York

        The Yeshiva of Rochester, in three decades of service to Klal Yisroel, has established an enviable national & international reputation. Our graduates have already assumed leadership positions in Jewish education across the nation. Our Kollel Program has attracted some very talented young men, who have already begun spreading Torah in our community in addition to their long hours of study. In recent years, the Beis Medrash has grown into a full fledged Makom Torah where the voice of study can be heard throughout the day and into the very late evening.

        The Mesivta, which was named Zichron Moshe in memory of Maurice M. Rothman, has grown in stature and spirit and is successfully producing young men committed to the highest ideals of Torah life. In addition, the General Studies Program, fully accredited by the Board of Regents, has successfully created an atmosphere of academic achievements and scholarship. Our students have consistently scored extremely well on standardized tests.

        The purpose of the Yeshiva goes beyond producing academic excellence. The Yeshiva strives to produce a Ben Torah - one who not only studies Torah, but also lives Torah - one whose total personality is shaped by the profound insights and perspectives of the Torah. A close, meaningful teacher-student relationship providesthe basis for personal guidance, enhancing the student's understanding of himself, his goals and his purpose in life.

        We look back at the Yeshiva's accomplishments in its early years and we hope in the future will bring even greater spiritual growth and accomplishments.